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About Hythe Tree Care

We at Hythe Tree Care aim to offer our customers the complete range of arboriculture and forestry services from domestic gardens to commercial and public parkland at cost effective prices. We are fully insured and hold full NPTC qualifications.

We offer a high level of care for young or mature trees of any size and will recommend the best option to keep your trees healthy and manageable.
Every time work is carried out on a tree, it will have an effect on the health and structure of the tree, which is why all of our tree work is carried out by fully trained professionals to a high standard in line with BS3998 recommendations for tree work.
Some trees are protected by TPO (Tree Preservation Order) and conservation areas, this means that the local council will need to give permission before we can carry out any work. We can contact the council on your behalf.





Crown Reduction

A crown reduction is an overall reduction of a tree's crown therefore reducing the size of the tree, this may be done as the tree is taking up too much room, encroaching on buildings or even blocking your view.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is removing the lower branches of the tree, this is often carried out to allow for access but can also allow more light to pass into you garden.  

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is where carefully selected branches are removed to open up the crown of the tree, this allows for air to circulate inside the canopy and more light to pass through.   


Pollarding is where the head of the main branches are cut back promoting lots of bushy growth. Pollarding is often used on street trees as it easier to maintain their size. 

Removal & Felling

We all love trees, but sometimes it becomes necessary to remove them. We are able to safely remove the tree branch by branch or felling in one go and removing all waste to leave a clear and tidy site.

Hedge Maintenance

Sometimes hedges grow too big or in an awkward location making it tricky for you to maintain by yourself. We can do it safely and professionally.

Tree Planting

Trees are a vital part of our gardens and landscapes, we can help you choose the right tree for your space. We can even supply and plant it for you!

Stump Removal

Tree stumps can sometimes look unsightly and also become home for pests and diseases. We are able to remove stumps by hand or using specialised stump grinder.   

Seasoned Logs & Wood Chippings

Seasoned logs are available to purchase buy the van load or netted bag from Hythe Garden Shop.

Wood chippings are great for garden pathways and borders. We are happy to supply wood chippings for free! (Please be aware wood chippings are only available by the van load.)

Please contact Binam 07533 930168 or Hythe Garden Shop 01303 770610 for more information.

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For more information or a no obligation free quotation, please call 01303  770 610 or visit Hythe Garden Shop for any friendly help or advice.

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